Booking & Information

Booking via:

  1. Reservation Form 

  2. E-Mail

  3. Phone

  4.  Whats App

  5. Messenger Facebook

  • We prefer that you use our Reservation form so we have all the info we need. 

  • Pick up and return at the airport or your hotel. Payment will also be done at the pick up location.

  • We will inspect the car for any existing problems / damage when you collect your dive equipment and tanks.

  • If you have any problems while you’re using the equipment or tanks, please contact us and we will be happy to help you.

  • All drivers must have a dive certification to join guided dives.

Payment information

Way's to pay

  1. ATM Machine

  2. Online Banking

  3. Pay Pal

  4. Cash


Pinning machine ATM:

  • Credit Card: VISA, Mastercard, CashNet and Discover. We charge a additional 5% on top of the payment C.C. fee.

  • Debit: Debit card and Maestro are free of charge. 


​Payment (in Euro or US Dollar):

  • Euro payments can be made to our Dutch bank account.

  • US Dollar payments can be made in cash or to RBC Bank Bonaire.


  • Pay pal can be done in USD and Euro. We will send you a email whit a payment request. You have to let us know if you want to use this.

  • When using Paypal there is an additional 5% on the invoice for bank costs.


  • Cash is only in USD.

All our prices ar 1 price that includes ABB (sales tax) & rental fee So no additional costs!​

Use of the Equipment

  • Please trai to avoid laying all dive equipment in the sand.

  • Don't leave dive equipment standing up right while not in use. this to minimise risk of falling down. like on the bed of the pick up truck or a wall.

  • Please dont leave equipment un protected in the car in case of treft.

  • please rins dive gear with fres water after use.

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